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Air escargot

Média réf. 3557 (1/6): Air Escargot
Média réf. 3563 (2/6): Air Escargot
Média réf. 3562 (3/6): Air Escargot
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Information / Presentation

Depending on the wind, your pilot can come up with an unforgettable trip. Like a ship’s captain following the shores of the Côtes des Vins, he will make your eyes feast on the famous vineyards of Chablis, Vougeot, Pouilly-Fuissé, enhanced by their picturesque villages and their medieval castles.

The joy of ballooning comes from changing altitude, following the contours of the land, skirting the vineyards and nudging the tops of the poplar-trees. Imagine the joy of dipping down into a small valley and then gliding above a town allowing you to appreciate magnificent views, as you rise to a thousand meters and glimpse above the mist, the summits of the Jura, the Morvan and further away, even the Mont Blanc.

Length of the flight : from an hour to an hour and a half. We need around three hours in total which covers time to inflate the balloon, have a drink after the flight and return to your pick-up point.

You can reserve individually or in groups, a few days in advance.
For a small group we can plan a customized flight.

You wish to offer an exceptional gift ? Ask for a ticket present! 

On the day before the flight, we will call you to confirm, depending on the weather forecast.

dates / times / rates

Depending on the season, the meeting-time is between 6 and 8 am and 5 and 7 pm.

260 € for an adult
490 € for 2 people
Half price for children under 12
Family and group prices on request


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Telephone number : 03 85 87 12 30
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