Trotte la Vivelle

Horse and pony trekking
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Information / Presentation

Just ten minutes from Chalon sur Saône, TROTTE LA VIVELLE is situated in the Bresse Chalonnaise, an area of forests, woodland and lakes where the typical houses of the region – farms, half timbered and packed with bricks and cob - are a link to past centuries.
TROTTE LA VIVELLE invites young and old to try their hand at equitation in the countryside, either hacking, pony trekking or in a carriage.
In addition: we offer a variety of services all year long, particularly adapted to groups. Plus, we will bring our horses and ponies to locations chosen by our partners (leisure centres, social groups, individuals...) so that children can stroke, watch, ride or groom the ponies. All of these activities can of course, be undertaken at our centre.


Address : 3 Chemin de la Vivelle
71620 Guerfand
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