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The Heron Footpath

Média réf. 2205 (1/6): Sentier des hérons
Média réf. 2203 (2/6): Sentier des hérons
Média réf. 3383 (3/6): Sentier des hérons
Média réf. 2204 (4/6): Sentier des hérons
Média réf. 1880 (5/6): Des hérons
Média réf. 1881 (6/6): Des hérons

Information / Presentation


This route is accessible not only on foot, but also with pushchairs or by bicycle.  It crosses the traces of the Via Agrippa - the Roman Road dating from the 3rd century which linked Lyon to Trier in Germany- twice.  Depending on the time and the season, you could be lucky enough to encounter night herons, egrets, curlews, foxes and coypus amongst the cows.  On the plant front, there is one that attracts the attention by virtue of its size, its density and its colours in autumn, and that is the miscanthus.

Step by step;

Head west on the main road following the signposts marked CC3RS8 which takes you to Maraux meadow – “mareaux” means marsh.  This wetland zone is fed by the rivers in flood, drained by a small valley and bordered to the south by the river Bouzaize.  At the junction turn left towards the port at Palleau.  Cross the river Meuzin, whose bed at this point was man-made to bring water to the mill at Palleau, which belonged at the time to the monks at the Priory.  This section is full of fish and much favoured by anglers.  Just after the bridge take the pathway towards the fields on the right.  Carry on alongside the Meuzin, which forms a natural border between the departments of Saone et Loire and Cote d’Or.

At the signpost, turn left, continue straight on then turn left once again.  Once you reach the banks of the Bouzaize, you will be able to glimpse the houses of the Port de Palleau through the trees.  Once again turn left to rejoin the footpath along the banks of the Meuzin where you started this walk.  Retrace your footsteps back to the Mairie, which was your starting point.

Start: the car park in the Place de la Mairie at Palleau.

5km/1hour 30 mins

 A brochure with a map is available free of charge from the Tourist Office


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