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The Siluriad Footpath

Média réf. 2250 (1/6): Sentier des silures
Média réf. 1884 (2/6): Les silures
Média réf. 1883 (3/6): Les silures
Média réf. 3384 (4/6): Sentier des silures
Média réf. 2251 (5/6): Sentier des silures
Média réf. 2247 (6/6): Sentier des silures

Information / Presentation

Saunieres – Pontoux

The town of Saunieres extends like a ribbon along the banks of the Doubs, where you will find the charming 18th century church and a slipway.  On this walk you will cross the village of Pontoux with its 17th century tower, 15th century church and another slipway giving access to the Doubs.

The route takes you across an area frequently flooded by the rivers Saone and the Doubs, which has as a result, developed an unusual range of flora like gratiola officinalis (common hedge hyssop), inula Britannica (golden yellowhead) or gaudinia fragilis (fragile oat).  These large grassy areas are also home to corn crakes, curlews, pewits or more rarely, the hen (or northern) harrier.  Enjoy the peaceful countryside and the banks of the Doubs, which are a haven for anglers.

Step by step:

Follow the signposts marked S3CC3R.  Cross the bridge over the Doubs and after about 300m take the stony pathway to the left, alongside the Grand Champ de Noe, following the signs for another 3km.  As you come into the town of Pontoux, take the time to look at the large brick-built house and the tower dating from the 17th century.  Turn left and pass in front of the church.  Turning left after the church brings you to the banks of the Doubs – an ideal spot for a picnic.

Continue along the road after the church and cross the fields using the farm track.  The village of Navilly can be seen in the distance.  At the next junction turn right then continue straight on.  When you reach the junction with the main road, turn right along it towards Pontoux.

Just before entering the village, turn left along the farm track.  At the end of the track, turn right to come back towards the houses, then turn left which will take you through them.  At the junction with the main road, turn right then take the farm track.  At the end of this, turn right.  You are back at the dyke, so now turn left to return along the same path as you came out on.

Start: Mairie car park at Saunieres

14km/3 hours

A brochure with a map is available free of charge from the Tourist Office


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