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Banks of the Saone

Média réf. 1891 (1/7): Rive de Saône - Mont les Seurre
Média réf. 3385 (2/7): Rive de Saône
Média réf. 2144 (3/7): Rive de Saône
Média réf. 2145 (4/7): Rive de Saône - Charnay les Chalon - Church
Média réf. 1887 (5/7): Rive de Saône - Mont les Seurre
Média réf. 1888 (6/7): Rive de Saône - Mont les Seurre - church
Média réf. 2147 (7/7): Rive de Saône

Information / Presentation

Mont les Seurre – Charnay les Chalon

At Mont les Seurre you catch a glimpse of Saint Martin’s church with its unusual half timbered walls.  The village is situated between the rivers Saone and Doubs and is affected by both rivers when they flood.  In summer, horses and cows graze peacefully in the meadows of the hamlet of Chazelle.

On the banks of the Saone, you follow the tow-path which was used to pull the barges that worked the river.  This part of the walk is notable for its flora, fauna and the meanders of the Saone – it is genuine picture postcard countryside.

When you reach Charnay les Chalon, the church of Saint Gregoire le Grand is easily recognisable with its bell tower covered in varnished tiles, in the Franche-Comte fashion.  In addition, there are also two wayside crosses.

Step by step

Follow the signposts marked S5CC3R.  Take the road to the north.  At the fork, take the road facing you marked Rue de Seurre.  Just before the magnificent 100-year-old Plane tree with the picnic area underneath, turn right onto the farm track that runs alongside and then crosses the little housing development.

At the end of the track, turn left to rejoin the road.  Just before the end of the village take a farm track on the left.  At the intersection with the main road, continue on the track opposite.  When you arrive at the hamlet of Mechin, turn left.  At the next intersection follow the direction of the hamlet of Chazelle and go through it.

On the banks of the Saone, follow the tow path on the left.  Continue along the river bank.  There is a gentle climb taking you up to the village of Charnay les Chalon.  Pass in front of the cemetery and continue straight on towards the church.  Walk around the church and take the Rue de la Forge.  In front of the Mairie, turn left and follow the road towards Seurre.  Pass by the chapel and the picnic area next to the wayside cross.  Follow the farm track on the right after the little woods, which will take you back to your starting point.

Start: Mont les Seurre Mairie car park

11km/3 hours

A brochure with a map is available free of charge from the Tourist Office

This walk is not permitted during periods of flooding.


Address : Départ : parking de la mairie
71350 Mont les Seurre
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