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Verdun sur le Doubs to Allerey sur Saone

Sitting at the confluence of the rivers Saone and Doubs, Verdun sur le Doubs is not only a paradise for anglers but also the spiritual home of “Pochouse” (the famous fresh-water fish stew).  A self-contained town with its many notable towers and architectural facades, makes Verdun sur le Doubs a welcoming place.

Step by step:

Follow the signposts marked S7CC3R alongside the Petit Doubs as far as its confluence with the Saone.  Along the way, catch a glimpse on your right of the swimming pool and municipal camp site.  Continue along the path until you reach the barrier which sends you to the right.  On the right there is a view point over the Saone where you can see the supports of the old suspension bridge, demolished in 1928. 

Carry on to the left until you arrive at Petit Chaufort.  Then take the Rue du Petit Chauvort on the right.  Carry straight on until you arrive at the D970 road, then cross the Saone on the bridge, where you will have a great view of the meanders of the Saone.  At the end of the bridge, continue along the road.

Take a right towards Chauvort and carry straight on towards the Rue du Port.  Continue along this road and follow the pathway on the right downwards to join the Voie Bleue (Blue Way) along the banks of the Saone.  On this pathway there is a restaurant, but you can also get a closer look at the old suspension bridge supports.  You will also pass over the bridge crossing the Dheune.

At the end of this road, pass under the the Pont de Bragny bridge, which gives you an excellent view of the meeting of the rivers Saone and Doubs.  Carry on and turn left to eventually rejoin the bridge in the direction of Verdun sur le Doubs.  At the entrance to the town, near the Mairie, take the time to visit the Musee du Ble et du Pain (Bread and Corn museum).  Carry on along the quays of the Doubs, past the Saint Jean bridge and you are back at the Tourist Office.

Start:  Tourist Office car park

7km, 2 hours

A brochure with a map is available free of charge from the Tourist Office


Address : Place Charvot
71350 Verdun sur le Doubs
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