Villegaudin is a village of 220 inhabitants covering 896 hectares, situated in the South East of the community rural districts (Saône Doubs Bresse).
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Villegaudin is a village of 220 inhabitants covering 896 hectares, situated in the far south east of the
“Saône Doubs Bresse” community of communes. Its scattered settlement is a reflection of the Bresse landscape. During the course of a walk, you can see typical halftimbered
Bresse houses that have been renovated with wooden frames, including two with upper storeys built in the XVIIth century. There is also a modest brick church surrounded by a churchyard with a beautiful and curious
stone funeral urn from 1840. If you follow the lane to “les Guérins”, your eyes are attracted to an XVIIIth century statue of St Urbain - pope, protector of vines and miracle worker - at the foot of which flows a miraculous spring..

Also worth seeing are the ruins of the Chateau de la Marche, virtually destroyed by a fire in 1861, and where in 1425 was born Olivier de la Marche. Made a knight by Charles the Bold, he became captain of guards to the last Duke of Burgundy. All that remains of the chateau now are the moats, the terrace, some lion statues and the outbuildings. The village is worth visiting on foot since past and present, in the form of the modern architecture of the village hall, coexist in a harmonious way.

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Tuesday from 2pm to 6pm

Thursday from 9am to 12am.



Address : Mairie - Le bourg
71620 Villegaudin
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