Saunières is located along the river Doubs.
Média réf. 1357 (1/6): Saunières
Média réf. 1354 (2/6): Saunières-church
Média réf. 1355 (3/6): Saunières-Doubs
Média réf. 1356 (4/6): Saunières-Doubs2
Média réf. 1352 (5/6): Saunières-slipway
Média réf. 1353 (6/6): Saunières2

Information / Presentation

Saunières is located along the river Doubs. Visitors mainly come to Saunières to walk, go fishing or have a picnic on the river banks. A slipway has been built to facilitate entry to the water, and there is a foot path with information about the Doubs which takes you up to Charnay les Chalon or to Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, where you can rejoin the “Voie Bleue”.

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Opening : 

Monday and friday from 9.30am to 11.30am


Address : Mairie - 1 Rue bords du Doubs
71350 Saunières
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