The village of Saint-Didier is home to 165 Saint Désidériennes and Saint Désidériens and stretches out over 1129 hectares, of which 520 are mainly forests and ponds.
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It is mostly a scattered settlement with a number of farmhouses and a few typical Bressan houses. 

The space, small roads and numerous footpaths that crisscross the woodlands are a favourite for family walks. A circular walk offering “an introduction to farming” is open to the public.

The village hall “Salle Michel Philippe” and the large square around the church are regularly the venue for weddings and other celebrations.

Welcome to Saint-Didier!


 Circular walk offering ”In search of the past”:

The two characters Max Decoop and Jack La Panouille find an album of photos taken by Max’s grandfather in the 1950s of Saint Didier en Bresse and set off to visit the place. But things have changed at bit...! Clues and puzzles for 6 year olds and above.


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Opening : 

Wenesday from 9am to 1pm

Friday from 1pm to 7pm


Address : Mairie – Route de Toutenant
71620 Saint Didier en Bresse
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