This little village, hides in the Saône and Doubs valley and is home to 226 people known as “Pontdubiens”.
Média réf. 1864 (1/5): Pontoux-Doubs
Média réf. 2254 (2/5): PONTOUX
Média réf. 2253 (3/5): PONTOUX
Média réf. 2252 (4/5): PONTOUX
Média réf. 1863 (5/5): Pontoux-Doubs2

Information / Presentation

Former seat of a Clunisian priory, Pontoux’s church was rebuilt in 1773 with a fine floor in terracotta from the 18th century. It also has a privately owned chateau with a crenellated tower dating from the 17th century, and several lovely Bressan houses. The Pontoux woods are ideal for hiking and those who like to fish are well served on the Doubs with the slipway.

A privately owned botanical and rose garden can be visited by appoint-ment (06 77 68 59 37).

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Tuesday from 10am to 12 am

Thursday from 10am to 12am and 3pm to 5pm


Address : Mairie - 14 Grande rue
71270 Pontoux
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