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The church in Mont les Seurre is dedicated to St Martin and dates from the 15th century. It is the last to have conserved its half-timbered and cob walls and is unique in Burgundian Bresse.

The commune is situated between the Doubs and the Saône. The oldest part of Mont les Seurre is found on a rise not far from the Doubs in a region of flood plains, hence its name. The main buildings are concentrated in the village of Mont les Seurre to the south of the commune, in the main hamlet of Chazelle, on the banks of the Saône to the north and in the small hamlet of Mechin to the north east. The communal Shepherd’s Hut which, until the inter-war period was still in use by shepherds driving their herds into the empty pastures, has been conserved and transformed into a bus shelter.

The commune has a slipway at Chazelles.

Hiking Trail : No. S5 – Banks of the Saone from Mont les Seurre to Charnay les Chalon (13km)


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Tuesday and thursday from 9.30am to 12.15am.


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71270 Mont les Seurre
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