Situated in the peaceful Doubs valley, the commune is home to 186 inhabitants, known as “Longapratais”.
Média réf. 1810 (1/5): Longepierre-1
Média réf. 123 (2/5): Longepierre-church
Média réf. 1811 (3/5): Longepierre-Doubs
Média réf. 124 (4/5): Longepierre-4
Média réf. 125 (5/5): Longepierre-5

Information / Presentation

The river Doubs wraps itself around the village, with many little coves or “mortes” for fishing.

The church is built with bricks and dates from the 15th century with an additional part added during the 17th century. In the cemetery there is a 15th century Calvary that is a classified monument.

Two Discovery Trails:

Picnicking is possible at the La Pouge pond.


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Opening : 

Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm

Thursday from 11am to 12am


Address : Mairie - 3 Rue du bourg
71270 Longepierre
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