Guerfand is an oasis of greenery, just a stone’s throw from Chalon-sur-Saône.
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Information / Presentation

It is a rural village of 6.44 square kilometres and 211 inhabitants.

The village is entirely surrounded by woods which cover over one third of its territory and meadows, fields and ponds help form its landscape. Saint-Michel’s church, opposite the town hall, is the central spot of the village. The “Biron” motte and bailey castle and its legends bear witness to our past.

The “Glifanois” and the “Glifanoises” (as the locals are known) benefit from the beauty of nature as well as the proximity of Saint-Martin-en-Bresse and Chalon-sur-Saône.

There is a riding school that enables visitors to discover the region on horseback, by pony or in a carriage.

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Monday and friday from 9am to 12 am

Wenesday from 8am to 11am

Thursday from 2.15pm to 5.15pm


Address : Mairie - 1 bis rue du bourg
71620 Guerfand
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