The situation of Damerey at about 15km north of Chalon on the main road to Dole, and 10km south of Verdun, is ideal.
Média réf. 984 (1/8): Damerey-aerial view2
Média réf. 2102 (2/8): DAMEREY
Média réf. 1875 (3/8): Damerey
Média réf. 985 (4/8): Damerey-aerial view
Média réf. 1872 (5/8): Damerey-dovecote
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Média réf. 2105 (7/8): DAMEREY - Castle Castille and Bresse
Média réf. 2106 (8/8): DAMEREY - Castle Castille and Bresse

Information / Presentation

There are two self catering cottages available as well as s a private parking area for camping cars.

The village stretches out over 12 square kilometres, bordered by woods on the eastern side and by the river Saône on the western side. Our fun nature trail called “Grand pâquier” takes visitors on a journey of discovery to the river and the neighbouring villages. There is fishing on the Cosne and nature trails that are much appreciated.

A beautiful village hall, next to the sports area, is available for hire (seating up to 200 people).

The centre of the vil-lage is lively and busy with a range of shops; restaurant, bakery, general store and Post Office, not to mention the amazing “Castille et Bresse” chateau built by our local artist Mr Mercier, as well as our renovated little bits of local heritage like the dovecote and bread-oven.

Fun nature trail called “Grand pâquier”:

6 interactive boards encourage young and old to play games on the theme of bio-diversity.


dates / times / rates

Opening : 

Monday from 3pm to 5.30pm

Wenesday from 10am to 12am

Thursday from 1.30pm to 4pm

Friday from 2pm to 4.30pm


Address : Mairie – 1 Place de la Mairie
71620 Damerey
Telephone number :
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