Alleriot has a population of around 1000 and is found on the banks of the Saône 10 kilometres east of Chalon sur Saône.
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Traditionally agricultural, it is blessed with both abundant nature and a charming little port that has retained its authenticity. A number of circular walks offer a pleasant way of discovering its culture and heritage. New pathways and agricultural tracks have recently been improved to enable easy access to the banks of the Saône.

The village centre, built overlooking the Saône, offers a wealth of interesting buildings; the church with its bell tower covered in varnished tiles; the rectory which has been restored and retains the original varnished brick diagonal ribs; the town hall housed in an historical building; the old wash house...

Along the many existing walks are many little hamlets each with a charm of its own, with chateaux and old wash houses. The quiet and welcoming banks of the Saône also offer fishing. The restaurants on the river bank propose local specialities on shady terraces, and a stay in a local bed and breakfast, near the port and the centre of the village, gives you the chance to prolong a pleasant and restful stay.


Pathway "Un maïs au coeur d'artichaut" / "Heart of the country":

Jack La Panouille is in love with the beautiful Adelaide. Encouraged by his friend Max Decoop, he decides to go and declare his feelings. On the way he discovers the richness of these villages. Clues and puzzles for 6 year olds and above.


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Monday to Friday from 2pm to 6pm
Wenesday from 8am to 12am


Address : Mairie - 2 Rue du Bourg
71380 Allériot
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