Sited at the confluence of the Saône, the Dheune and the Vandaine
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The village of Allerey sur Saône, with its 800 inhabitants, offers a variety of different lands-capes. The hamlet of Chauvort was, during the middle ages, an active port, (it was Beaune’s port) and a route between Burgundy, the Bresse and Franche Comté, firstly with fords, then a ferry and finally from 1840, by a succession of bridges of which only the pillars of the first remain. There are also the superb merchant’s’ houses to be seen, built from the fortunes made in the 17th and 18th centuries from selling corn, wine, hay, roofing tiles or wood. The village, on a sheltered terrace that dominates the Saône, is a busy junction on the roads from Chalon to Dole and Beaune to Lons le Saunier. Tucked away in a magnificent tree strewn park is an elegant classical
chateau dating from the beginning of the 18th century. It is built around a church that also dates from the 18th century, and classified as an historical monu-ment for its sumptuous paintings and frescos by local artist Claude Lebault (1665-1726), painter to Louis XIV.


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