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The great pond of Pontoux : An extraordinary sensitive natural area
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Information / Presentation

An outstanding zone ...

The huge ornithologic richness and the quality of the environment make of this pond a unique site in Burgundy. Its 27 hectares are composed of mutliple accommodations and its proximity to the Doubs river makes nesting of several birds easier. More than 130 species have been count in particular one of the most important grey night heron colonies in Saône-et-Loire. 

A must-see but peacefully !  

The department is acquirer of this natural zone since 2009 in order to protect, handle and open it to the public. In order to avoid disturbances of species and preserve their environment, only the less sensitive part of the area is equipped and easy to reach for everyone. ( Included disabled person ) 

You'll discover through the pedagogic tour with several playful signs and a bird observatory, treasures which are composing this moist area.

Some free guided tours are organised by guides during the year on registration, especially during April until September.

This area is delicate. The non-attendance of garbage cans intend to encourage the developement of eco-citizenship behaviour. Thanks to respect the cleanliness of this area and keep calm and discreet as soon as it's possible. Picnics and acess for bicycles and motors is forbidden ! 

Departure : Car park next to Navilly ( follow directionals signs ) 

Guided tours : or for more information or registration


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Free entry.


Address : Grand étang de Pontoux
71270 Pontoux
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