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Guided Tour of Old Verdun

Discover the old town accompanied by a local guide
Média réf. 1514 (1/7):
Média réf. 6010 (2/7): Verdun sur le Doubs : Visite du Vieux Verdun
Média réf. 1901 (3/7): Verdun - old city
Média réf. 1899 (4/7): Verdun - old city
Média réf. 1898 (5/7): Verdun - old city
Média réf. 1897 (6/7): Verdun - old city
Média réf. 1763 (7/7): Visite du Vieux Verdun-3

Information / Presentation

"Follow the yellow fish" that's what we're going to tell you if you want to explore the old Verdun.

From the Tourism Office, with a pamphlet ( available at the office or for dowloading here ), explore the Old Verdun and learn about the History of this town. For that ? Nothing more simple, fishes will join you during all the tour !



Address : Office de Tourisme
71350 Verdun sur le Doubs
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