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Information / Presentation

Located at Seurre in the Côte-d'Or département and Verdun-sur-le-Doubs in the Saône-et-Loire département and managed by Mr Thomas Bernard, BIARD specialises in plumbing, heating and sanitation work.
We will come to your house to prepare a quotation for all your projects.
We can install or replace your:
• gas, oil-fired or wood-burning boiler;
• heat pump;
• underfloor heating system;
• air-conditioning system;
• ventilation;
• water softener;
• skylight;
• bathroom;
• water heater;
• plumbing, etc.
We also carry out plumbing, sanitation and heating repairs.

dates / times / rates

Verdun-sur-le-Doubs office (8 avenue de la république): open Monday–Friday 9AM to noon.
Seurre office (6A rue Terreau de Lee): open Monday–Friday 2PM to 6PM.



Address : 8 Rue de la république 71350 Verdun sur le Doubs
6A Rue Terreau de Lee 21250 Seurre
Telephone number :
Website : https://www.bernardblois.com/
Email : contact@bernardblois.com